Why re-Creation Fitness + Recovery?

Simply put we are among the industry leaders in integrating functional fitness, nutritional optimization and accelerated recovery from exercise.

Let’s face it we are all functional athletes. We pick up our sleepy kids and take them to bed. We climb five flights of stairs with a fully loaded backpack and carrying bags of groceries. We slip walking on ice and try to catch our balance. We run to catch the train when we’re late.

So, shouldn’t your exercise program be focused on training for the athletic events you are already scheduled to compete in? Wouldn’t it be great if you had an expert in nutrition designing your meals?

re-Creation Fitness + Recovery is the comprehensive fitness lifestyle platform that does all of this and more. Our platform is comprised of our functional fitness training studio, a suite of integrated cloud based apps that deliver information that makes eating healthy easier and delicious and programming that identifies opportunities to modify your everyday activities outside our studio to enhance your fitness overall.

We can show you how to become a high performing functional everyday athlete and look better naked at 45 than you did at 25.

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness refers to exercises that help you with everyday activities, like getting up off the floor, carrying heavy objects, maintaining your balance on unstable surfaces.

How is our style of Functional Fitness unique?

Every one of our programs is designed to include combat arts drills, such as punching and kicking. Every one of our programs includes developing mastery, of or refining some form of human powered locomotion; quadrupedal movement, walking, running, biking. And every one of our programs is designed so that outdoor training can be part of the program.

Why Combat Arts?

Having the ability to defend one’s self and the people we love is one of the keys to attaining confidence, a sense of security and equanimity. Performing Combat Arts drills is also one of the best forms of anaerobic exercise and developing core strength.

Why Human Powered Movement?

The primary form of energy expenditure for every creature on the planet is to move the body through space. The more we humans utilize engine propelled machines to move us from place to place, up and down the closer we move to physical dysfunction. The ability to move one’s self from place to place is a powerful ability and one that we should guard against losing. Can an exercise program really be called a functional fitness program if the only bikes you pedal on don’t go anywhere?

Why Outdoor Training?

We spend most of our time in boxes. We live in boxes, sometimes stacked on top of other boxes. We get in boxes with wheels to take us from home to work. When we arrive at work we get in boxes that take us from the lobby up to our office. In a lot of the offices humans work in there is no fresh air. ( The windows don’t open. ) There has been a considerable amount of research that indicates that we would be healthier if we weren’t so boxed in all the time. Our training programs are full of activities like dragging weighted sleds through the grass, climbing the stairs in the park carrying weighted dummies, riding bikes up and down hills in the morning sunlight, or evening sunset.

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A team of talented fitness​​ professionals dedicated to bringing optimal human performance to the general public and to an under served population in NYC.

A community of people committed to teaching, learning and sharing a modern approach to nutrition that draws on the concepts of Paleo nutrition, Raw Food Veganism, Primal cuisine and the teachings of the late fitness guru Vince Gironda.

Purveyors of functional fitness. We don’t believe fitness is really functional if it consists of exercises that you only do when you are inside a fitness studio, or gym. So, our version of functional fitness involves you going outside to train often. You will push sleds, ride bikes that actually go somewhere, run sprints, do lunges and perhaps even ride giant skateboards.